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1. Creating and Ordering Your Custom Designed Product

  • Ty Mawr requires a $300 deposit before beginning your project. Your deposit covers the art work along with your sample.

  • Send your PO and deposit to:
    Michelle Wherry
    Ty Mawr Classics
    2955 Laura Pl.
    Lewis Center, OH 43035

  • Develop a general idea of what you would like to have featured on your coverlet before you commit to doing it. Will the owners of the items you want depicted (historical buildings, logos, etc) give you permission to use them. Ty Mawr's clients are responsible for all images.

2. Initial sketch receipt

  • You know your community so it's best if you select what you would like to see featured. Your options for the design of the coverlet are limitless as just about anything can be included on your coverlet. If you are interested in depicting people talk with the art staff first for assistance.

  • The art staff will phone you acknowledging the receipt of your materials. At this time you will also be asked how you found us. This is important as this is how your sales representative will be credited.
    You will receive your initial sketch in about 7 working days via fax. Your initial sketch will be a rough layout of your design. Your initial input is very important as you will receive only one layout. Should you require a second layout there will be an additional charge.

3. Computer Generated Sketch

  • Approval of this sketch is very important. This is your last chance to make changes! Make sure you have a final sketch you are totally happy with. The computer generated sketch is what your final woven product will look like. Check for spelling errors, building errors or anything that you see on this 81/2" x 11" page. If you don't correct it you will receive a 53" x 68" or 46" x 67"; woven product that is incorrect. Because you have been so involved with this process it's best to have an outsider come in and proofread your sketch. Sign and date the paperwork the art department sends if you are satisfied. If you are not, corrections will be made until you are satisfied. There is a penalty fee of $250 if the product has to be re-woven due to error. If your coverlet is a natural and one color you will be asked what color you want your sample to be in: navy blue, cranberry red, hunter green, Williamsburg blue, black or rose. You will receive a color printout of your pattern.

4. Sample Receipt

  • The above sketches can take anywhere from 7 days to 4 weeks depending on the client or the complexity of the pattern. After the pattern has been sent to the mill to be woven you should receive your sample within 2 weeks. If you have not received it call customer service at 304-615-1124 and ask Michelle to check on the status of your sample. If you would like a second sample for a presales campaign call Michelle.

5. Copyrighting Your Design

  • Copyrighting your design is very easy.

  • Write to:
    Register of Copyrights
    Copyright Office Library of Congress
    Washington, D.C. 20559

  • They will send you applications. Be prepared to wait. It takes a long time.

6. Marketing Your Product

  • As soon as you get a sketch which is fairly close to what you want, make copies, give them to your members or other volunteers and start talking about "The Coverlet". This is the beginning of "getting the word out". Make sure people know what it is you are marketing and what you propose to do with the funds: band uniforms, computers, scholarships, etc. Display your coverlet.


  • One key to a successful pre-sales campaign is letting people see and touch the sample. Many of your local institutions: banks, post office, library, schools will let you display the coverlet as this is good community relations. Even retail shops like to be involved since this promotes being a "good neighbor" and a fund raiser that puts money back into the community is beneficial to all.

  • The local media: newspaper, radio, cable T.V. has PSA's (public service announcements). Have a local phone number and a volunteer available to answer questions.

  • If you have local events coming up display the coverlet there or the sketch.

  • If you already have a web site incorporate your coverlet into the site, this way people can download an order form and see the coverlet. Make your pre-sales campaign fun. Getting the word out takes a lot of work and the more money you're interested in generating will take a lot of energy. Be a team and support one another .

7. Taking Orders for Your Coverlet

  • You'll not want to run the pre-sales campaign longer than 6 weeks as you'll have started to get money in for the coverlet and people might get a little antsy on waiting, so set a time limit.
    One great way to get people to order within the time limit is to have 1st Ed. or the date on the coverlet and then once the pre-sales campaign is over and the order has been placed all future orders will have 1st Ed or the date removed. There is no charge for this from TyMawr.

  • Place order forms with the display around town, in the newspaper and on your, web site.

  • Have your order forms give the cost, the dimensions, color (if more than one color is offered in the 2 layer) , have a picture of the coverlet and when the pre-sales campaign ends.


  • Contact Michelle in customer service to give you a timeline on shipping.

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